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Sophie Taggart
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Each time I start a painting, one of the first things I do is to cover the blank canvas with words. Words intended to inspire, to nurture and make us feel good about who we are.
Words that open us up to being our ultimate selves. Our true selves.
These words - their meaning and feelings - then become the essence of my work.  
It is becoming widely understood that 'everything (in our world) is energy'.  
Imagine then, if you could create a painting, that filled you and filled your space, with a specific feeling.
If this was possible, what would you want that feeling to be? What would I want it to be for you?
This is how I create. 
My art is a play between energy creation, colour and really is where energy and art become one.  


I have two main styles of painted work - my Enchanted Life Series, and Embedded Energy Series. They vary visually, but both are created from a specific energy or energies. 
enchanted life sries


The enchanted life series of works are created through the imaginings of what a magical enchanted world would offer us. Doorways that open to wherever it is we would like to be in that moment. Stairs and stepping stones floating, waiting for us to jump across them in play and in lightness. Waterfalls of giving, cascading down around us. 
These works will make you happy. Thinking about their meaning makes my heart pound with excitement and fills me with an openness to whats possible. My wish is to share this with you.
Rich in symbolism, each piece has a story within it.
For Commissioned 'Enchanted Life' artworks, you contribute to the story within your artwork. Write me a sentence, such as 'its greenest on my side of the fence' or choose an area you want to grow in or become more of. For families, tell me who is in your family, their dates of birth, the three main characteristics of each and (my favourite) your family hopes and dreams. I will create an artwork for you, about you, that acts as a reminder of who you are as well as where and what you want to create.
Energetically, my works act as a source to tune you in to the feelings you want to feel and create in your life. Dream big from your heart, for your soul. 



These works have formed the basis of my art over the first 10 years of painting commercially. There is an earthy rawness to the Embedded Energy series of works that create a sense of calm and tranquility regardless of colour palette. The textural quality of the works is enhanced by the continual application of colour that varies in tone and translucency. 
These works have a sense of both power and lightness to them. there is a harmony that lends itself to allow us to tune into what the works have to offer energetically, ultimately what they make us feel.
I have grown spiritually through the creation of these artworks as so many have been asked for on a commission basis. i have evolved into an artist who is now able to tune into individual clients and paint specifically for them. I set an intention for each artwork and this too becomes the focus of my attention as I paint. Eventually, the painting becomes that intention and it is gifted to you. 
The energy at the core of these works is really very powerful. The works will delight you visually, allow them to enhance your world energetically, for they will. 
Sketches are a collection of some of my favourite places. Sydney Harbour, Nikoi Island, Palm Beach, Beppis Restaurant in Sydney. Share the joy of my favourite places or send me an image and I will send you a stunning sketch of your own. Re-living our heart moments makes life seem all the more special. 
The first time I made anything out of ceramics was when I was pregnant with our third child. I loved it. 
My handbuilt ceramics are each created with love.
As each and every piece is completely unique they bring to your home a level of luxe that is truly unmatchable.
Imagine if art could affect the vibration of a space.
If it is created that way, it just does. 



Sophie Taggart creates works for both Commercial and Residential Spaces. 
She loves working with you to decide on both a colour palette as well as understanding and clarifying the purpose of your artwork.  
Commercial Spaces - to decide on the 'theme' for a Business or office space your Company Mission Statement is a great place to start. 
For both Public and Office spaces the potential to positively influence hundreds or thousands of individuals every day, simply by walking through a space is humbling. 
For both Public and Office spaces I encourage you to answer this question....
To everyone who walks by here I wish that you feel.....
Residential Spaces - I encourage you to share with me your family hopes and dreams. Anything you want to shift your perception on and think a different way about. As well as sharing the values that are important to you as parents / partners or individuals. A feeling that you want to create in a particular room of your home... or all of the above.
If creating an intention or feeling for your artwork feels a little tricky, I am good at it and very happy to help you out. Where the artwork will hang is a great place to start.  



Neutral Bay, Sydney 


"Oh my god. This is the best thing I have ever owned. I can't stop looking at it! When I look at it I feel like I'm 10 years old, I don't why. I guess the colours are the ones I've always loved. All I can say is thank you." 


South Island, Tasmania

Angela Chesterman

“ catches my eye even in near darkness. It makes me smile....We all helped unwrap it (which took nearly 25 mins as we were being so careful!!!). The kids are loving it too, eagerly looking for their own treasures within the colours and shapes.” 


Lindfield, Sydney

Susan Tindall 

"I love the meaning in my artwork" 

Caroline and John

KPMG Dir. Finance Management

Mosman, Sydney 

Caroline Veitch

"I chose to have a piece commissioned as I wanted an artwork that would really work in the space and one that was personal to both myself and my husband as it was a gift to him (and a gift to myself).

I am still finding more to love about the artwork 12 months on.  I still look at it and see more depth and different colours pop out for me on any given day.  It brings me energy and happiness when I wake up each morning to see it.

I am convinced I have Sophie's best artwork." 

photo (15)_edited.jpg

Reiki Practitioner

Seaforth, Sydney 

Cath Robertson

I chose to have a piece of art commissioned as a gift to myself. I had just come through a massive change in my life and wanted to mark the occasion with something I could cherish forever, and which would fill my heart with love and joy every time I looked at it. Sophie made this happen for me!


Everyone who visits my home comments on it, and commissioning Sophie to create such a wonderful piece is one of the best decisions I've made and worth every single penny. Thanks so much Sophie, you are amazing!"

ARTWORKS by Sophie Taggart are Unique, Bespoke and POSITIVELY INFLUENCE HOW YOU FEEL

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