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Happiness. I am Happy.


Out of all the answers I received only 1 was ‘You are Happy’. 


It got me thinking. 

So much of what we search for is ‘happiness’. 

So much of what we are seeking is to make us HAPPY. So what then if we knew we were happy, if we actually were happy, if happy was just our natural underlying state of being. 

How would that  change what we are looking for? how would it change what we need and want? 


Little children have  this default sense of happiness . They play, they eat they laugh. Unless they have a need that is not being met  like they are hungry or tired  they are almost always happy . It is really only as we grow through life and gather all of our perceptions and beliefs based on what and who is around us that this sense gradually becomes something we want rather than something we are. 


So If you just were HAPPY, how would it change your life?  



  • 1.2m x 1.2m Framed wtih Natural Tasmanian Oak

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