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I love painting, creating and making. 


I love learning about energy and how it works. 


Asking questions and growing as an individual, a mother, a wife and a soul light me up. 


I studied mechanical engineering at university (odd i know, but cool too!) and the best thing it taught me was that anything is possible.  Engineering teaches you to turn ideas into a reality. It teaches you to make 'things' and then make them faster and more efficient, to make them better. At uni what i actually learnt was that there really are no limits. 


After uni, i have learnt that us and our world, is ALL made of up of energy and that energy can manifest itself into any form. Which means, in this practical, energetic world we are blessed to live in, anything is possible and we can create it. 


Growing up as one of five sisters life was very fun. I had an instant group of gorgeous friends and we spent a great deal of time together. It was always a little easier, (for mum) if we were going in the same direction and doing the same thing, so we very often did. It was not until we were older, as in could drive and had left school, that we started to go our own way.


Whenever we came together again, we would reminisce about events gone by. I started to see the power of perception. It shocked me how differently each of us percieved the same event, even though we were all there at the same time, ultimately doing the same thing.  


I now know that how we see everything in life, is completely dependent on our own individual interpretation, life is how WE see it. It was for this reason that I was and still profoundly am, attracted to creating abstract artworks. There is no right or wrong, there is no actual truth, there is only the way you see what is in front of you and how it makes you feel.


With an abstract artwork, if you choose to engage with the work, questioning, wondering and being aware of your feelings your entire experience is enriched. This is my philosophy on life. The more you question, wonder and engage with what is happening to you, around you and with you, life itself becomes so much richer. 


Colour is at the core of my work.  It has a powerful non verbal energy that affects us on a subconscious level. It influences our likes, our desires, our mood, our life. Colour is energy and energy is the very essence of our world and everything in it.


Before I start a painting I set an intention for the artwork and this becomes my focus as I paint. As many of my works are commissioned pieces, who the piece is for and where it will hang very often plays a role in determining the paintings intention.  That intention then becomes the core of the my work. The artwork itself will then hold the vibration of that intention and its energy will resonate in your space.


These works are very special. Enjoy the way they make you feel. 


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