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sophie taggart abstract art conscious conscious

Sophie Taggart Artworks tune your heart, your mind, your body, into that feel good space where hopes and dreams come true. 

You know that joyful feeling, that feeling of freedom and adoration, of love and contentment. Similar to when  you unexpectedly find your children playing beautifully together. It's that 'heart smile' feeling. 

Every time you look at, walk past or glance my artworks hanging on your wall, my wish is that your heart smiles. Not because it is my art but because my art reminds you of YOUR hopes and dreams, the people and places that make you happy and because my works tune you back into YOU. 


Finished your family making?


Lets create an artwork where Your FAMILY becomes the subject matter of your artwork.

Tell me who is in your family, dates of births and personalities.


Share your family stories, your hopes and dreams, the things that make your heart smile.


I will create an artwork that makes you smile. 

Recently Engaged? 


Create an artwork about the fun of life that has led you to this point.


Include a wish for your future and anything special to you and your fiance.


Let's have fun.


An incredible wedding present. 

Milestone birthdays are extra special.


A completely unique gift. 


30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th....choose the gift of an artwork that brings joy to your everyday and opens you up to all that you wish to create moving forward. 

Do you have a wonderful new home? 


With empty walls that make you feel like something is missing?  

Lets create an artwork that has a specific intention based on where your art is going to hang.


An artwork completely unique to you that will fill you up each time you glance it, walk past it or stop and stare at it!

Imagine if an artwork could influence how you feel about being in that space.


Imagine if you could choose the energy of your office, your building foyer, your workplace. 

Let's create an artwork to do just this. 

Want to try it? 

YOUR story

   my ART

Commissioned artworks where your life, your hopes and dreams become the story behind your artwork 



call +61 421 711 181 or email me:



1. Email me with your (rough) required size and style.

I will send you a quote and organise a skype/ phone or in person consult with. Work commences upon receipt of deposit. 


Continually tuning into your energy and the chosen 'theme' of your work, creating an artwork you truly love. 


Typically 8-12 weeks from date of deposit.

We arrange a delivery date that works for you.

Remaining payment is required one week prior to delivery. 

International works are shipped as a rolled cnavas and restretched overseas. 

All shipping costs will be provided with your initial quote. 


You recieve your Sophie Taggart artwork created specifically for you.

The colours and meaning within will delight you.

My wish is to contribute to you feeling extra special as you move through your home. 

If you are unhappy with your piece you are welcome to return it and recieve a refund, less deposit and shipping costs. In ten years of painting commissioned works for private clients I have never had anyone not love their artwork.   


There is an option to have your piece framed with a simple wood frame. Framing costs will be quoted when requested. Framed works require an additional 1-2 weeks before delivery.

Would you love an artwork... 


...that has a sense of spirituality? 


...that seems to contribute to your growth through life?

...that has an energy you can feel?


"......commissioning Sophie to create such a wonderful piece is one of the best decisions I've made and worth every single penny."  



Artworks that positively influence how you feel are of a huge advantage in both a commercial space, workplace or in your own home. Art that has the ability to subtly influence how you show up every day is worth investing in.
Put very simply, if you can imagine an artwork was like a tap, that flowed a particular feeling into a space, what would you want that feeling to be?
Sophie Taggart's artworks allow you to choose.

I'd love to meet you (in person or on skype) and listen to your story.


Tell me who you are, and anyone else we are going to make your artwork about - husband, wife, children, fiance...Public Space or work place.


Share anything that is meaningful to you. Your hopes and dreams, nicknames, special events that make you smile.


I will create an artwork that uses your story as its inspiration and connects you to the feelings you want to create more of in your life. 


Rich in symbolism, colour and powerful energy your artwork will delight and inspire.


Residential commissions start at a size of 1m x 1m for $6500.

All Commissioned works are Acrylic on Linen.

Delivery is 6-12 weeks

If you would like to go ahead with a commission piece. Simply

book in a time to chat with me via the link-



with Commission Enquiry in the title and your mobile. I will give you a call to make a time to zoom or visit.


Fill in the contacts form 




Sophie Taggart Enchanted Life Series are full of symbolism, words and colour. Discover how what we hold dear to us is translated onto the canvas. Refer images and text below. 


How it all starts.... with words. These words set the stage for what we are creating. When something is created in a certain energy it is very hard to undo it. The energy of these words becomes embedded in your artwork. . Every piece is unique. . Your painting grows and everything in it has meaning. . Here are some examples of how I interpret your story visually.


This is on the bottom layer of a canvas. It is written to represent the I LOVE YOU a wife says to her husband and vice versa. It is on one of the first layers to indicate that this i love you comes first.... i love you. i love you too. and then come children!.... remember to tell your partner how much you love them (and remind yourself of it often). xx


Dates of births are like a code of who we are. I often add them to the blank canvas. May you learn your life lessons and help your children on the path to learning about themselves.


To represent twins I created a print plate with spaced lines. I printed the lines in green to represent the boy and using the same plate turned upside down I printed the same lines in pink, for his sister. The lines were offset horizontally to indicate that as connected as twins are they are still individuals. I cut off the end of the plate and printed with this to represent their younger brother. Siblings - all connected. So unique.


I grew up very catholic. My association with the cross was always very religious. I have come to believe in a more universal god. now the cross represents a connection between heaven and earth. our ability to stand with outstretched arms and a lovely reminder to ask and to be open to receive.


Is an acronymn for I Love You With All My Heart. How gorgeous is this. Always how her husband and her sign off emails to each other.... we put this in the bottom left of the finished artwork.


There are always a pair of angel wings in YOUR story my ART pieces. I love the idea of angels. To think that someone (who can fly) is watching over you all the time and that they will help you with anything if you ask.... seriously, who wouldn't want that.


Long life and happiness. This family always toast to a long life and happiness. Words are written amongst the shapes, colour and forms. Often upside down or sideways. sometimes washed out, sometimes washed out and rewritten. Words are not immediately legible, you need to look to see their meaning.


The paler pink shape you see in the foreground was included to represent a blooming flower.The idea of blossoming. Painted in a few places across teh the all your hopes can blossom and grow and be beautiful... like an enchanted garden.


Engaged in France. A husband who loves skiing, is lighthearted and fun (kind of cheeky). So i wrote je t'aimerai toujours permet de ski - i will always love you now lets ski!

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