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"Where intention goes, energy flows." 
Sophie's artworks are created with a specific intention in mind as she paints.
As such, her works become more than just a visually beautiful piece of art. 
Sophie's works are created to be a source of energy aligned to the chosen meaning of that artwork. They have the power to align your energy, over time, with the meaning within the artwork. 

You don't need to understand how electricity works (or even believe that it will work) to be able to flick on a light switch and have the light come on. Similarly, you don't need to understand how energy art can be created, you don't even need to believe it to be true, for it to work. 

It simply DOES work. 

Here are the meaning and stories of some more works 



Higher and Higher was created to Auction at a Charity Fundraiser for a Female Shelter.

Women who use a shelter often feel the need to get high to deal with life.


The intention of this artwork is what I wish for these women. The more this piece came to life, the more I realised this is what I would wish for all of us.

I wish that LIFE, will take you higher and higher. 

I wish that your angels will hold your hand and teach you to fly. 

That you open to a deep sense of peace that fills your heart and stays forever. 

That you know  the Joyful essence of who you are and that you see yourself as this and only this. 

I wish that you learn to smile at You.

As it says on the side of the artwork "May this painting make your heart smile and give you a sense of both contentment and excitement for all that is, especially you." 


Sophie,Taggart Land of rainbows.jpg


The Land of Rainbows came about because our 6 year old son asked me if I would paint him a picture with rainbows on it. I started, but didn't finish. 5 years on I pulled out the canvas covered in pastel rainbows and started to paint.


I wondered what it would be like if there really was a place FULL of Rainbows - if there really was somewhere called 'The Land of Rainbows'. Imagine turning a corner to discover such a place.


Now, even I, KNOW, that there is NO SUCH THING as the Land of Rainbows. So knowing that to be true and STILL, discovering it, what then does that make you think? Surely when something you KNOW NOT to be true becomes true, it opens your world of possibility up. For if this that is not true is really true, what else then could be true too? The answer is.... anything. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING becomes POSSIBLE. 

When we were little, dad would follow Rainbows as far as we could, to see if we could find the end. We never did but the awe at their existence still feels magical. I love rainbows. 

The Land of Rainbows  is....


"A feeling where anything is possible and

happiness is so strong you can hold it."

This artwork holds a special spot in our home. It is one of the first artworks that helped me realise that what I put in while I paint is actually what comes out. 


My sister (kinesiologist, energy healer, mother, chanel, gorgeous friend) had just been to India for two weeks to expand her learnings of an ancient healing technique called Samvahan. She came to our home and noticed The Land of Rainbows newly hanging on a wall. "Oh I love this one Soph, what is it about?"  she asked me.  I went to tell her full of excitement but instead, realising where she had just been and what she had been doing, I asked her to see if she could tell me.

She stood in front of The Land of Rainbows with her eyes closed. A minute later she opened them, looked at me and said wide eyed, "it feels like this vortex of possibility". 

I was astonished. 

For on the side of the canvas (opposite to where she had walked over from) was written the words 'A feeling where anything is possible'. 


Seeing my sister be able to 'read' the energy of this artwork started me on the path to understanding the power and possibility of energy art. 




Home is a commissioned artwork created around the feeling of HOME. 

Each artwork I create tends to take me on a bit of a spiritual journey. I get to deeply connect with a wonderful feeling and come to understand that feeling (word or intention) in a way I had not before. This feeling is then transferred to the painting. Not to take away from Crystals (and the thousands of years they take to form), but for a simplified comparison, crystals hold a specific energy. They vibrate at that frequency and as such allow us to tune into that frequency. My paintings are similar, in that they hold a specific frequency and this feeling then fills your space and encourages you to resonate (copy) that particular feeling (vibration).

Home, was a part of me learning this to be true. 

We moved houses a lot when we were growing up, so home wasn't a readily available feeling for me to tap into. My client also wanted there to be an element of welcomeness to their friends and children's friends, who spent time with them in their home. That bit I was good with. Dad was very welcoming, he had always included everyone and done it with such love. I had been painting for a few weeks, but I was still unsure of what the feeling 'home', really, felt like.

Mum rang one day and I said "oh, stu (my hubby) is away why don't I come and visit?" I packed the kids up and went to mums for the weekend. 

Doesn't life always give you what you need. 

I discovered that the feeling of home is strongly linked to (those welcome) being mothered feelings. Wherever mum is, is what feels like home for me. Walking into mums, there was nothing to do, (no washing, no clearing out or fixing up). She was, and always is so beautifully welcoming and excited to see me and for no reason - I'm not bringing anything or doing anything for her. I feel welcome just for being there and being me. So slowly, as I spent time at mums, I was truly lucky to discover what 'home' feels like. What a beautiful feeling. 


So within the feeling of 'home' the best way I can describe it with words is this.... 

There is a sense that you have arrived, that there is no where else you need to be but here. 

There is a sense that you are loved and wanted, simply for being you. 

There is a strong connection to that feeling of mother love and nurturing in the word home.Of being deeply loved and wholeheartedly received. 

Home holds a feeling of belonging and of feeling known. 

Home, is comforting. 

Home, is peaceful.

Home, is filling. 


To finish my artworks I spend a good few days simply looking at my pieces and adding the smallest amount of paint in those vital spots! I always paint in my studio (and never in the kitchen like I used to pre studio days). However for this piece, I carried it upstairs and sat it at the end of the kitchen table. It sat there for three days, paints all over the floor, being finished. I made no connection at the time, but on the way to the framer I had a laugh to myself - the artwork Home had just spent its last few days with me in our home, rather than my studio! I felt kind of honoured!!! 


The day I was due to drop this artwork to the framer (where it would be framed and then picked up by the courier), I happened to also be on my way to see an energy healer. Out of curiosity, I carried the artwork upstairs with me at the energy healers rooms and asked Mike (amazing amazing healer) to see if he could/ would read my artwork. 

He said ok. 


The artwork was facing the wall as I purposely didn't want him to see it yet so he suggested he close his eyes to 'read' it. 


(I filmed it incase it was worth repeating!!) 

This is what he told me..

"It has a very calm energy, a very comforting energy. It has a very inviting energy. It feels kind, soft, inviting. It is very loving. It has a very non judgemental sense about it. It is almost as if you could put a big armchair next to it and sit there and it would just embrace you."

I cried (real tears  - just a few - from delight). 

Every artwork takes me on a journey. One where I get to to grow and discover wonderful new feelings and understand some of your favourite words more deeply. Then I get to gift those feelings back to you with the added bonus of having a beautiful artwork for your wall! 




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