Femme Knowing 


This artwork has a very strong mother energy to it, being a mother, nurturing others, guiding and loving another.  Holding more than just a beautiful mother energy, it was created to tune us into our female knowing. This is an aspect as women we can forget is one of our powerhouse gifts. 


When we embrace our femininity we are both gentle and strong. We are kind but have very clear boundaries. We are nurturing to both ourselves and others. When we embrace our femininity there is a great strength from within. An openness to receiving and a willingness to give. 


To feel light and open and live with clarity. To feel settled in who we are, and who we are as women. To feel a deep sense of self. This to me is Femme Knowing.




Limited Edition Print, signed and numbered

Printed on 310 gsm 100% Cotton Rag Paper with Archival Ink. 

Framed with acid free archival backing board, perspex and natural tasmanian oak or white frame. 

Large - edition of 25 

Unframed - 1010 x 1010mm includes 60mm white border. $1095

Framed - 1100 x 1100mm $1,695


Femme Knowing - Large

Unframed PRINT
  • Printed on 310 gsm 100% Cotton Rag Paper with Archival Inks. 

    Large - Edition of 25 1100 x 1100 Dry Mounted, framed with perspex and Natural Tasmanian Oak Frame