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'You are One in a Million. 

You are One in Four Hundred Billion Million Trillion.' 


You are one in a million - we are actually one in four hundred billion million trillion. The chances of us being us, with our genetic wiring, born on the day and at the time we were born, with the stars and planets sitting where they were sitting at that moment, the odds of that happening, of US happening is actually one in four hundred billion trillion. Someone did the calculation! 


So if we are THAT unique, that one off, this makes each of us very very very special. 


Can you imagine finding something buried deep in the ground that was beautiful and glistening, and pulsed with an aliveness you could feel? Finding something that you knew no ones else had ever seen or found before. 


Can you imagine if this is how we viewed ourselves? our children? our partners? as truly unique one off ‘finds’. 


We would sit in awe at who we are. 

We would be curious to discover more about ourselves. 

We would relish in our unique ‘oneoffness’

We would share us with the world, just as we are, without the need or want to change or be like those around us. 


I asked our 10 year old daughter what she thought would be a great thing to whisper to a child. Her answer was ‘You are amazing for who you are’. Kind of the same thing….


YOU are one in four hundred billion million trillion. Shine baby Shine.

You are One In A Million

  • 1.3m x 1.3m Acrylic on Canvas

    Ready to Hang

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