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I love everything about you. 

What a world we would live in if this was the prominent message we each grew up hearing and thinking. 


My guess is we would judge ourselves less and compare ourselves to others much less.


Even the simple act of reading the words to myself and hearing them in my own head meakes me feel good. My heart feels happy - everything about me is loved. That is a good feeling. It feels settled and elated at the same time. I feel open and cherished. 

Give it a go and see what the words make you feel. 


Another gift is when we think 'I Love Everything About You' and think specifically of someone else. Our spouse, partner, child, mother, sister, favourite friend, we tend to soften our judgement of them as well. We lean towards acknowledging the things we do actually love about them and there is a greater aceptance of those things that might on occasion annoy us. I've been practisicing thinking this about my kids and hubby lately and the flow on effect is really lovely.


Imagine what would shift in your world if everyone in your home spoke these words to themselves day in and day out... over and over.... 


I invite you to try it, or take this artwork home to live it. 


'I Love Everything About You' 





Acrylic on Polycotton 

I Love Everything About You

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