The dictionary definition is ‘to be in ones prime, to thrive.’ 


Wow. What then makes us flourish? Makes us thrive?


These are my thoughts on the word flourish and its meaning.


To flourish we need to give to ourselves space to do the things that fill us up. We need to give ourselves space, love, good food and water, we need to laugh. We need space to BE. 


Looking at the world around us through a lens of love and gratefulness opens us up to thrive. The glass is half empty the glass is half full, it is the same glass - choose to see it as full. 


To flourish there needs to be an element of connectedness to yourself, a knowing about who you are. If you think of a beautiful cottage garden, the lavender bush is really happy being a lavender bush, and it is beautiful for it. There is no struggle to be anything other than a lavender bush. 


I thought this artwork was finished about 5 times. I kept coming back to it and changing it, I don't usually go back and change a piece once I have decided it is finished. It wasn't until it occurred to me that flourish has a very strong energy of change associated with it. To flourish is to grow which means we constantly change and evolve. Change is a big factor in our journey to flourishing. 


Overall Flourish has a very light, upward, expanding, growing, loving, rose coloured glasses kind of feeling…Enjoy.




  • Unframed Print is 1050mm x 1050mm includes a 60mm white border. 

    Framed Print is 1100mm x 1100mm

    Framing is with Natural Tas Oak Frame. Dry Mounted with Perspex. 

    Prints are printed on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag Paper with Archival Ink