Land of Rainbows


The Land of Rainbows is all about possibility. 


What would it be like to really and truly come across  a land called the land of rainbows? 


I love rainbows so for me this would be ecstatically exciting. I would feel like a child in a lolly shop. I would feel like I was experiencing a little piece of magic. It would be bliss filled. 


As an adult, I know there is no such thing as a Land of Rainbows. 

So what then, knowing that this place doesn't exist and still walking around the corner to find an actual Land of Rainbows, what would I think then? What would I feel? 


That would leave me thinking ANYTHING is possible. 


This Artwork holds an energy of ‘Happiness so strong you can hold it and that feeling where anything is possible’. 


Prints - scanned and printed the way I have the original replicated - actually hold the same energy as the original piece. The only difference energetically is the denseness and 'width' if you like, of the energy field iteself. The energy field of a print 'reads' the same as that of the Original artwork - it is just less dense and travels a bit further than the original field. (I took a print and an original to an Energy Healer and asked him to read them for me - with his eyes closed, and I didnt tell him one was a print and one was an original and this is how he described the differences in the fields...


I dont really understand how electricity works but i use it every day and it does - my Energy Art is kind of the same dont need to understand how it works for it to work - it just will!!)


Printed on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag Paper with Archival ink

Framed with acid free Archival Backing board, perspex and natural tasmanian oak frame 

Large - Edition of 25 plus AP

Unframed 867 x 987mm includes 80mm white border 

Framed 880 x 1000mm


Land of Rainbows

  • Free for Unframed Prints.  

    $250 - $350 for Sydney Metro depending on size and destination.

    For rural deliveries, you are welcome to pick up (Clareville).

    $400-$500 for freight to rural areas.

    For interstate $400-$650 for freight costs.

    You will be billed at the higher rater and refunded if less.