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Land of Rainbows


The Land of Rainbows is all about possibility. 


What would it be like to really and truly come across  a land called the land of rainbows? 


I love rainbows so for me this would be ecstatically exciting. I would feel like a child in a lolly shop. I would feel like I was experiencing a little piece of magic. It would be bliss filled. 


As an adult, I know there is no such thing as a Land of Rainbows. 

So what then, knowing that this place doesn't exist and still walking around the corner to find an actual Land of Rainbows, what would I think then? What would I feel? 


That would leave me thinking ANYTHING is possible. 


This Artwork holds an energy of ‘Happiness so strong you can hold it and that feeling where anything is possible’. 


Prints - scanned and printed the way I have the original replicated - actually hold the same energy as the original piece. The only difference energetically is the denseness and 'width' if you like, of the energy field iteself. The energy field of a print 'reads' the same as that of the Original artwork - it is just less dense and travels a bit further than the original field.


I dont really understand how electricity works but I use it every day. My Energy Art is kind of the same don't need to understand how it works for it to work - it just will!!)



Large - 867 x 987 includes 60mm white border, Numbered Edition of 25 

All Prints are supplied Rolled. Suggested framing instructions will be sent with your Certificate of Authenticity.


Archival paper print
These are limited edition, museum-grade fine art prints. They are printed on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag paper and produced in Australia by a boutique fine art print studio. What does all that mean? Basically, the prints are the highest quality reproductions possible, meaning they look almost identical to the original artwork. And if properly cared for, will last 75+ years.


FREE standard shipping within Australia on all prints. Prints are rolled with expert care and delivered in a packing cylinder.


What my customers say
“I have never had such a strong emotional pull to an artwork" - Jo-Anne Duncan 

"I love the meaning in my artwork” – Susan Tindall

*a percentage of profits goes to 'The Generous and The Grateful'


Land of Rainbows

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