Stunning artworks that will transform you and your home. 

Energy Art explained 

Whether you are a lover of science or not, the reality is that all objects in the universe, including humans, are composed of energy. Everything is energy and it's always flowing and always changing. 


That’s great, but what does it have to do with art you say? How do I combine energy and art?


Colour has a powerful non-verbal energy that affects us at a subconscious level. It influences our desires, our mood and our life. The same can be said for words. The words we choose to use and what we tell ourselves on a daily basis greatly impact our lives and wellbeing. When something solid is created with a specific intention and a ritualistic embodiment of a specific energy, vibration or feeling, that same vibration becomes a part of what is created. 


If you're with me - awesome - you already know the power of energy and how we can play with it. You will love my works and all they have to offer.

If you're not quite there yet, here’s a beautiful little story about a customer and how my art transformed the energy in her home, and in turn within herself:

...a little more on how I create Energy Art  

Imagine if your walls whispered something uplifting  everytime you walked by...


...we all know walls don't whisper but my

Energy Artworks DO.

Printed on Archival Paper
These are limited edition, museum-grade, numbered, fine art prints. They are printed on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag paper and produced in Australia by a boutique fine art print studio. What does all that mean? Basically, the prints are the highest quality reproductions possible, meaning they look almost identical to the original artwork. And if properly cared for, will last 75+ years.


FREE standard shipping within Australia on all prints. Prints are rolled with expert care and delivered in a packing cylinder.















What my customers say
“I love the meaning in my artwork” – Susan Tindall
“It brings me energy and happiness when I wake up each morning to see it” – Caroline Veitch

"I absolutely love my artwork, it makes me so happy" Georgie Lowe


"Visually, my artworks remind us to think the thoughts we want to think. Vibrationally, they tune us into those thoughts. When we change what we think and feel, life opens up in magical ways. " - Sophie Taggart. 

A percentage of profits from all Print sales is donated to 'The Generous and The Grateful' 

Which artwork is for me?

I AM ENOUGH - I truly believe if every home had this piece hanging on their wall the world would be a better place. We would all grow to be deeply satisfied with who we are and the world around us AND we would all step into our power and share who we are in amazing ways. The full title of this piece is 'I Am Enough Because I Am One With The Universe'.  








BE KIND - This is just a beautiful gift to yourself and others. Kind is who we really are, it is how we act when we are aligned with self and source. Kind is heart-centered and we are heart-centered people at our core. If all of life's hardships were removed we would effortlessly be kind ALL the time. Tune into 'Kind' and life will tune itself into you. 










IT'S GREENEST ON MY SIDE OF THE FENCE - need a little reminder to think this? Want to up your satisfaction with your own life and all that it offers? Knowing the title of this artwork, plus the gorgeous greens, lovingly pulls you into a space where you value everything around you and you graciously seek what you want purely because it makes you feel good rather than because someone else, has it. 




LAND OF RAINBOWS -  This artwork is a vortex of possibility. It holds a feeling of 'anything is possible and happiness is so strong you can hold it'. Choose Land of Rainbows if you want to jump into thinking, believing and seeing, that possibility is all around you. 


FEMME KNOWING - As females, our femininity is one of our powerhouses. The ability to be gentle, nurturing, kind, knowing and powerfully intuitive are all feminine qualities. For those wanting to become mothers, or you are already a mum, this artwork will help you fall more into your sacred femininity.



FLOURISH - This is another piece that I think every home should have hanging on a wall. To flourish is to know and love who you, are. To flourish is to make choices that give you time and space to enjoy the things that fill you up. We choose to see the world as beautiful and we are effortlessly grateful. We are tapped into our knowing. We welcome change and continually grow. The elements of flourish are beautiful. I can't recommend this piece highly enough.