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Sophie Taggart Words Worth Thinking (1)_
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Words Worth Thinking

A belief is a thought that we think, read, are told or hear on repeat. Whatever we ‘hear’ over and over, either from others or ourselves, becomes embedded in us as a truth.

We each have a different set of truths, and together these become our belief system. They are created primarily, from our own experiences, perceptions and our interpretations of life around us when we are young.

Our belief system influence the thoughts we think and as such, govern the way we feel as well as determining the delight we allow in to our worlds.

Sophie’s works are an invitation to consciously choose your beliefs, your thoughts and hence your feelings - come on the journey of feel good.



Energetically infused artwork for your home, family and special spaces that connect, calm, inspire and empower


Co-create a personalised piece of art that uplevels your home and activates you in your divine power as a mother, a woman and a creator. 


Are you open to stepping into a world of magic where energy art is at play in your home?


In this intimate experience we co-create a piece of art that is going to completely revolutionise the way you feel in your home and really activate you in your divine power. 


Imagine having a piece of art in your home so uniquely personal, so divine and so activating, that… 

You wake up feeling surrounded by possibility 🌈 and magic every day

You feel like you are in alignment with YOU 🌟 

You feel like the powerful creator you were born to be. 🌹

There is an undercurrent of calm that fills every nook and cranny of your home. 

You feel like someone is giving you a big hug every time you walk through your space.

Your home makes everyone who lives there feel loved, acknowledged and held.


This is what’s possible for you inside the wonderful world of energy art. 


I invite you to come along and join me on a divine journey to make your space truly sacred so you can rise to your fullest potential — as a human being, as a woman, and as a mama. 💃

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