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When we want something and believe that we have the resources (skills, time, input) to create that watn - we feel calm. when we want something (or someone else wants something of us) and we have feel it is too much for us (we dont have the skills, time, help of someone) we fall into a space of feeling NOT calm. - anxoius, worried, distressed, panicked. 


The words that create this artwork reflect my understanding of the make up of CALM. 

They read - 

To be calm is to have a deep trust, knowing or understanding of ones own capabilities and the capabilities of those around them. There is a sense of peace about what needs to be done or what’s coming because of the belief - I can do this. There is a sense of empowerment and self belief. As well as this belief in one self. Or those around them, there is also an underlying belief that whatever it is you want you can actually have it. Your wants are real and when we feel like our wants are in reach at the same time as trusting whatever its inside of us there is a beautiful and pervading sense of calm. My wish for you is that you always trust that what you want you can have, (it) is always wishing your reach and that you yes you have the power, the knowing, the wisdom and the intuition to make it happen. In the moments where you fall out of feeling calm choose to believe again that you are a wonderful, clever, talented, wise intuitive, wondrous Human and You Can.


It is my intention that the artworks I create are a visual reminder and an energetic invitation to align with specific thoughts and feelings that raise your vibration. Choose the thoughts you want to think, to feel the feelings you want to feel. Understanding the meaning within your artwork allows you to play a part in creating many micro moments of joy as you move through your home. The ripple effect is profound, for where intention goes, energy flows. Together, let’s fuel the fire of the energy you want more of in your life.


30 x 30cm framed

To Be Calm

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