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As a mother of a Joey's boy, every time I drive into the school grounds, this building is a delightful sight. The sandstone is so solid and strong, it is as if that solidness and strength is imparted to our boys during their time here. The stunning architectural details remind me of the 'more' that Joey's offers. The cobbled stones that line the driveway, the repeated windows forming patterns across the facade and the elaborate domed tower make it feel that our young men are gifted with so much more than pure education.The architectural details; the cobbled stones that line the driveway, make it feel that our young men are gifted with so much more than pure education.


I married a Joey's boy and the feeling of belonging that travel with him everywhere he goes have started to pull me in too. The welcomeness I feel walking or driving along the drive, in awe of this historic building is a feeling I would be happy to relive

every day, it fills me up.


Here's hoping this print reminds you of your own feel good feelings and the solidness and 'more' that being a student, old boy, mother, father, teacher, grandparent, at Joey's gifts our lives with.

Have a beautiful day. Enjoy your artwork.



This Artwork was commissioned as a donation to the school for a fundraising event and is currenlty available as a print. 


Size - 470mm x 370mm, includes a white border. 

Works are printed with archival inks on 100% Cotton Rag paper. 

Artworks are delivered direct from the printer and will arrive rolled.

Joey's Commemorative Print

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