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I Love You With My Whole Heart



I love you

I love you more than you will ever know

You are cherished and adored

I love you with all my heart

You will be forever loved

You are loved more than you could ever imagine

You are treasured

I love you unconditionally and forever

Know that I love you 

You are loved

You are love


These are some of the 'I love you' whispers sent to me in response to the question - 

'If tongiht, you could whisper in your childs ear and they forever believed it to be true, what would you whisper?'


This artwork holds a very strong and powerful 'love energy'.


When you look at, walk past or glance this artwork, may it remind you that you are incredibly loved, always and unconditionally. May you feel that love no matter where or what is going on in your life. May it permeate your being and positively influence how you feel about yourself. 


To feel loved unconditionally is powerful.

Be the powerful you were born to be. 



I Love You

  • 85 x 95 cm Acrylic on Linen 

    Framed with Natural Tasmanian Oak Frame 

    Ready to Hang

  • Please enquire - 0421 711 181 or to see if this artwork is still available. for the availability of this artwork 


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