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I Love Everything About You


This artwork is intended to teach us YOU ARE LOVED for ALL OF YOU. 


When we constantly repeat 'i love everything about you' to ourselves, (our children, and those who grace the space where this artwork hangs) we will start to feel a deeper acceptance of who we are. When we feel loved unconditionally the knock on effect is that the the love we have for ourselves grows. We start to think I love everything about me too. 


Sophie's works are energy artworks, they hold a vibrational resonance with the words written accross the canvas. This vibration invites our non-physical bodies to attune to the meaning within the artwork. When we change our energy, everything changes. 


What would change for you, if you started to believe 'I love Everything About You'? What would feel different in your body and what do you imagine would change in your outer world? 


This artwork is an invitation to play with that feeling, that knowing, that belief....ALL of me is loved.


Acrylic on canvas, framed with American Oak, aprox 78 x 78cm.

I Love Everything About You No.3

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