Be You 


What if we remembered who we were? 

What if we knew deep down with the same certainty that we know our name who we were and what it is we wanted to do and be here on this earth. What if we remembered why we came at this time, with these people? 


You know that scene in Lion King where Simba is looking in his reflection in the water pond and he sees his dad and this deep voice whispers REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, REMEMBER. My mum whispered that in my ear just after we had seen the movie (with the kids!) and it was surprisingly deeply stirring. 


This artwork is that moment - that moment of remembering. That moment of knowing and waking up to who we are. Then it is the other moments that come straight after the running towards us. The saying yes. The strength from knowing who WE are and the falling away of needing to be like those around us. This piece will open you up so you remember and run with you on your path.


BE YOU. Remember Who you Are.


  • 1m x 1m 

    Acrylic on Canvas