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This artwork holds the feeling of a deep sense of calm. 


I spent quite some time tuning into the feeling of calm, and wondering what factors create a sense of calm within us.  I have come to the conclusion that calm comes from two things put together. One is a a belief, that what we want - we can have . The other is a trust in our own abilities, or those around it, to make the want a reality. 


 I can’t really think of a situation where this is not the case and the same is true that when we feel the opposite to calm, one or both of those elements are missing.


For example, and this is an example from our place, our daughter was in a space of NOT being calm. She was worried about an exam she had to sit one week away. She was going on school camp so knew she wouldn’t be able to study much aside from ‘today’, she is driven and loves to do well at school, , so she was feeling panicked.


Her want - was to do well at school.

Her belief - in her own capability to make that happen - were limited given the shorter studying time frame.


We had a chat  and she became aware that there was a mismatch between what she watned - to do really well - and her ability to achiieve that given the time and resoources available There was a mismatch between her want, and her I believe I can have stories and this is essentially takes us out of a calm state.


We 'rewrote the story' she was telling herself about a shorter study time equaling a lesser mark, 

came up with reasons, she could, have what she wanted and I asked her to trust in herself, to choose to believe that she had the skills and the dedication to get a great mark regardless of whether camp was on or not. She sat calmly at her desk and studied. She shifted her state of being and consciously chose calm.


My wish is that this artwork pulls you into a state of feeleing calm.  I hope this artwork reminds you to dig a little deeper whenever that lovely calm feeling is not around and discover why.


What don’t you think you are capable of achieving? When we notice ourselves fall out of alignment with a sense of calm and we take a moment to change the story wed are telling ourselves - by identifying what we want and then choosing to deeply believe we can have it, that sense of calm will come back. Whatever it is we want for, we have the capacity to create. whenever our own capabilities or situation feel limiting - ask for help - this world is an abundant resource of possibillties.

A Deep Sense of Calm

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