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Purchase a stunning large 'I am Enough' print for yourself and receive a *complimentary* small size to gift to someone you cherish.


It's more than just a beautiful piece—it's a meaningful reminder of self-worth and love. Valued at $395, this heartfelt gift can now grace two homes, doubling the joy this festive season.


Your complimentary print will be automatically added to your order.

Large - 850 x 950mm PAPER includes 50mm white border - shipped rolled $695, embossed signature 

Small - 570 x 515mm PAPER includes 35mm white border - shipped rolled $395, embossed signature

All Prints are supplied Rolled. Suggested framing instructions will be sent with your Certificate of Authenticity. 


How can art transform the energy in your space?

As an energy artist, before I start a painting, I set an intention for the artwork. This becomes my focus as I paint and the very core of my work. The artwork then holds the vibration of that intention and its energy will resonate in your space. 


Archival paper print
These are limited edition, museum-grade fine art prints. They are printed on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag paper and produced in Australia by a boutique fine art print studio. What does all that mean? Basically, the prints are the highest quality reproductions possible, meaning they look almost identical to the original artwork. And if properly cared for, will last 75+ years.


FREE standard shipping within Australia on all prints. Prints are rolled with expert care and arrive in a shipping cylinder. 


What my customers say

"I love the meaning in my artwork” – Susan Tindall

"Your work is felt, beyond anything I have experieced through art before" - Marsha Maddison

13184 Sophie Taggart_I am Enough_FF_web.jpg


12 Days Of Giving 

Energetically Imbued Art

Purchase our stunning large 'I am Enough' print for yourself and 

Recieve a COMPLIMENTARY small size to gift someone you cherish. VALUED at $395.

How would your life change if you continually thought I am Enough and swam in the energy of that feeling each and every day? Just SAY YES!

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